Thank you for visiting my page! I am excited about the opportunity to bring a new voice to Alexandria's City Council. 

It's time to bring common sense and fresh voices to the politics and planning of this city. Balance, trust, and respect must be restored at City Hall. New ideas, new ways, and new voices are needed in Council, on committees and panels, and public forums.

It’s time for a New Day in Alexandria – a New Day marked by renewed trust between citizens and their City Council; a New Day marked by respect earned and returned through civic discourse and thoughtful debate; a New Day of constructive problem solving by city staff with our remarkable citizens; a New Day marked by financial and city planning based on today’s realities, not outdated assumptions and unchallenged assertions.  In this New Day, balance is returned to our Council, committees, and boards – a balance that leverages the inherent strengths of our citizens with the experience of our city staff to capture opportunities, solve problems, and build a better future for all our citizens and residents.

My priorities are simple and straightforward – protect our history and neighborhoods, build a sustainable future on sound planning, and provide essential city services in an exceptional fashion.

Our neighborhoods and schools across the city are threatened by excessive development, inadequate infrastructure, and disruptive, even destructive planning decisions. The city's fiscal health continues to grow worse as major investments in schools, infrastructure, and services are deferred or ignored.

Alexandria Citizen:

Hometown since 1964 - Seminary Hill, West End & Old Town; Founder, Strategy and Management Consulting firm Executive Vice President, Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Homeowner, Father, Grandfather - four generations!

We must stop the city council's financial planning approach of "Borrow, Build, and Hope!" The warning signals of financial concern are everywhere - school needs are increasing, office and retail space vacancies are growing, federal spending is decreasing, even development investment is slowing. Increasing our taxes - both business and real property - is losing the race with the cost of paying for City Council's gilded, unchecked spending habits.

When these plans are challenged, the answer is always the same. Citizens are told there are no choices except more development to "rebalance the commercial and residential tax base."

Public Service Record:

Military Officer, 36 years, U.S. Army; Appointed by Mayor Euille, Waterfront Plan Work Group;  Appointed by Virginia Governor, Virginia Commission, National Security & Military Facilities/Jobs

That's only one part. Leadership, vision, and direction built on constructive, inclusive debate in city government is also needed. It is clear that we must stop reinforcing failure and reelecting the politicians who claimed credit for spending largesse when borrowing in the good times as they now ask for forgiveness when predictable debts and borrowing costs mount in today's economic environment.

It's not easy to undo the financial problems brought about by years of Borrow, Build, and Hope, but it must begin today. Vice Mayor Allison Silberberg's recent election win indicates the crescendo of calls for change is building. Alexandria - its remarkable citizens, neighborhoods, and history - need a new team to restore balance, trust, and respect as we build a terrific future. There's important work to do ahead and I'm looking forward to getting to it. Thank you for your support and I intend to work hard for your vote.

Changes we need in the City government to restore trust and excellence:
  • We can make Alexandria better: The November election is an important opportunity for Alexandria’s citizens to reset City Hall, reestablish dialog, and renew public trust in city government.
  • Alexandria citizens should expect the best: We should set high standards for the quality of our City government, enforce accountability to the citizens through better and more transparent practices.

Bob Wood is a Proven Leader:

Army Commander, U.S., Korea, and Iraq; College President, Army Command & General Staff College; School Board President Fort Stewart, Georgia

  • Restore the public in public service: Neighborhood after neighborhood, one citizen group after another, all feel threatened, ignored, or dismissed by a city government seemingly intent on rushed and excessive development based on old assumptions.
  • Let’s unite Alexandria again: We must end the combative climate and restore collaborative, respectful dialog. City Council seems anxious to fight its citizens or its own agencies in costly legal battles rather than sustaining dialog and seeking mutually agreeable solutions. It has helped divide us when it should work to unite us.

On November 3, 2015
Elect Bob Wood for Alexandria City Council


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