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Thank you for visiting my page! I am excited about the opportunity to bring a new voice to Alexandria's City Council. 

I believe in a better future for Alexandria - one that truly reflects our identity and secures a livable city. Our hometown is at risk of losing the heritage, diversity, and neighborhood qualities we love so much. It's time to restore our local voices in the politics and planning of this city. In this election, we can change course. I ask for your support and vote for City Council to help set a new path to a better tomorrow.

I bring experienced insight, proven leadership, and innovative problem solving to help build Alexandria’s future. It’s time to refresh and strengthen reasoned debate to review old policy assumptions, stale ideas, inadequate strategies, and tired slogans.


My goal is to RESET City Hall and this requires:

Alexandria Citizen:                                                                       Hometown since 1964 - Seminary Hill, West End              & Old Town                                                                                     Founder, Strategy and Management Consulting firm                                                       Homeowner, Father,   Grandfather - four generations!

Respect - Our commitment to all citizens

Excellence - Our standard of performance

Service - Our first duty in government

Economy - Our concern and criteria for public spending

Trust - Our best measure of civic performance


 Public Service Record:                                                       Appointed by Mayor Euille, Waterfront Plan Work Group                                                       Virginia Commision,         National Security & Military Facilities/Jobs                                                                                   Board Member National Trust for Wounded Warriors

Changes we need in the City government to restore trust and excellence:

Proven Leader:                                                                                       Army Commander, U.S.       Korea and Iraq                                                                                 Deputy Commandant,             Army Command & General     Staff College                                                                                     School Board President           Fort Stewart, Georgia

Elect Bob Wood for Alexandria City Council November 6, 2012


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